Georges Cleaners - Clothes smelled so bad after cleaned I couldn't wear them.

Stone Mountain, Georgia 0 comments

George's Cleaners in Tucker, Ga. has surly man who obviously despises what he does and who he does it for. After clothes were 'laundered' they smelled so strongly of a perfumey smell that I returned them.

Surly man insisted they didn't smell and whipped out a can of the same smelly stuff and sprayed them with more of the same smell. I asked if I could have them recleaned. He said they would smell just as strongly if he recleaned them. I kindly asked, due to the person's general bad attitude, if I could have a refund since I would have to have them redone elsewhere. He barked he didn't work for free and waived his arms 'shooing' me away.

This guy is a little scary.

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